Which Bridal Shoes Should I Wear With My Wedding Dress?

When looking for the perfect bridal shoes to complement your wedding dress, high heels are definitely a no-no. The reason is that they will only cause your feet to hurt, and you will also have to worry about them slipping during the wedding ceremony. Here are some tips to help you find the right shoes for your wedding day.

First of all, you have to realize that your feet are going to swell while you are in the wedding gown. There’s nothing you can do about this fact. So you have to be extra careful with them on your wedding day. If there are any pointed objects on the floor such as tiles or cutlery, your feet will be at a higher risk of being hurt because of their elevated position on the floor.

Your high heels will also make your walk less graceful, and you will end up slipping on the wedding aisle. So you should avoid wearing very high heels on the walk down the aisle. Keep your feet at least a few inches away from the edge of the aisle. And if you must wear them, you should wear the flat type. They will look more elegant and comfortable on your walk down the aisle.

In addition, high heels give you a tendency to extend your legs, which will definitely distract from the beauty of the wedding dress. Your shoes can be either strapless or backless. If you plan to wear them on your walk down the aisle, you should wear backless shoes. However, if you will be dancing, you can still choose the backless type of shoes, as it will make you look more beautiful.

Bridal shoes that come in wedge heels are very popular. They are perfect for brides who want to look elegant. If you decide to wear them on your walk down the aisle, you can use the wedge-heeled wedding shoes to make your steps look more graceful. Although, they do not really fit into the “traditional” bridal shoe shape, they can still look very beautiful on your big day.

Of course, no one would love to wear a pair of bridal shoes that make them stumble when they walk. So before you purchase your shoes, you should try them on in the store. You should also ask your wedding party members and close friends to help you try them on, so you can get a better picture of the style that you really like. There are many styles available in bridal shoes today. You should be able to find at least two styles that are suitable for your wedding dress.

For example, there are satin, leather, or patent pumps that can be worn with a traditional high heel wedding dress. There are also slip-on shoes, which can be very elegant. And there are more designs, such as sandals, flip-flops, and even boots. But whatever your choice may be, make sure that you are comfortable in them. Also, take a picture of yourself wearing the shoes you are interested in showing your bridesmaids.

It is not necessary for you to purchase the bridal shoes that are the exact style of the wedding dress. For example, you could wear a strapless, low-heeled shoe with a traditional A-line wedding dress. Or you could choose a wedge-heeled shoe for your slender waistline. But whatever your choice may be, make sure to try them on in the store and take a picture of yourself in them. That will help you decide if they suit you or not.

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