Must Have Prom Shoes Under $100

You can pick out exactly how you want your shoe to look like from the heel color to the top of the color of the buttons. Shoes are the one thing that you need not worry about. Each lengths look wonderful on the party area as 2011 prom dresses.
Comfortable with high heels, or consider getting shoes with lower heels. Finally, shopping for prom shoes should be a fun event, and is very much a part of the prom experience. With this in mind, the following are recommendations for 5 shoes that will shine at your 2009 prom.

These prom accessories can make the Prom shoes night really special provided that you have your shoes, dress, and a purse or handbag. Select jewelries that are playful and fun. Your prom night attire is incomplete without these eye popping, cool necklaces, bracelets, toe rings, earrings, and other jewelries. It can make you shine especially if it matches your dress perfectly.

Other prom shoes come with a choice thirteen different ribbons, including red. Simply wrap them around your ankle for an eye catching look. This ensures that they don’t fall as you walk and dance around.

As far as when and how to try on shoes for prom, make sure to leave it towards the end of a shopping day. Being on your feet for long periods of time usually cause your feet to swell and you will want the fit to be just right for prom night. Make sure to also bring hose with you while shopping in order to find a pair of shoes that will fit the hose. Take into consideration color as well when shopping for prom dresses. Despite popular belief, the shoes do not have to be the same color as your dress. Choosing a darker shade or a neutral color like black or white, will complement any prom dress nicely.

When looking for the perfect, keep in mind that a comfortable shoes with a smaller heel-height is the way to go. The higher the heel on your Prom shoes, the more uncomfortable you will seem dancing. Find a few that fit right and then decide from those which would be the best complement to your dress. Also, heels with a wider base might provide you more balance for some of those faster songs. You won’t be going to many proms in your life, so make sure you are comfortable through that special night.

Makeup: Apply your makeup to look as classic and traditional as your dress. A neutral smoky eye — using black, gray and silver tones — is perfect. Add touches of plum, blues or greens; depending upon your eye and/or dress color, for a modern touch. Lashes are also a must. Pile on several coats of mascara or go for falsies. Now is also the time to try the much-hyped red lip. Find a shade you love and make sure your Prom shoes look is flawless.

If shawls aren’t your style, try a half-jacket instead. These typically come in satin finish to match the color of your prom dress, or in a lacy see-through style. There are even jackets that tie in the front mid-section to cover the tummy! Pick the jacket that looks best with your body type. Try one on with your prom dress to be sure it offers the look you want.

The Women’s Samantha Evening Sandal is another great choice. Once the prom shoes are chosen, never keep it within the closet. You will find numerous designs and designs that you can find in the shoes and sandals. The wrap-around heel strap has elastic at the instep to safe the Paige in place atop the lightly textured sole and unusual, contoured heel.
Girls with an hourglass shape are envied by many because any number of styles is possible. Though, never forget which you won’t just remain in one corner and get bored. Macy’s brings back the fashionable shoe for your prom with this number.
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