How To Wear Stiletto Heels Effectively

Stiletto Heels Legs? Maybe you’re not ready to walk in those sexy stiletto heels, maybe you’d like to play it safe and buy a pair of more traditional high heels. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t forget to wear other important things like makeup, eye shadow, blush, and of course a perfume! Here’s a guide to wearing those sexy stiletto heels the right way.

stiletto heels legs

Your hair should be up. Yes, we know you think that your hair is enough to cover those stiletto heels, but we’re putting the cart before the horse here. If you have long hair, pull it back and tie it with a small ribbon or ponytail. If you’re sporting shorter hair, tuck it behind your ear. This keeps it out of the face and from covering your footwear. Trust us.

Put on your socks. Many women have flat feet and tend to run their socks down over their heels. This creates a bumpy appearance that looks cute but really confuses your look. If you have flat feet and want to wear stiletto shoes, pick a pair of dress socks (not lace ones) that extend down past the heel. They’ll give your legs some height without adding too much pressure on your heals.

You want your shoes to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than buying a beautiful pair of shoes and having them hurt your feet. Ask yourself if you really need that high heel in the first place. Are you going to be doing a lot of walking or standing for long periods of time? If you’re just standing around the house or doing simple chores at home, go with a lower heel.

Your dress size is important. If you have flat feet, you’ll probably want to go with a bigger size in your stiletto shoes to make sure that they don’t rub on your legs. If you have fairly normal sized legs, go with a smaller size so that it will cover your whole leg.

Make sure that you get plenty of air flow into your stiletto toe box. Otherwise, you can expect your heel to be very swollen after wearing them for an extended period of time. This isn’t too painful, but it can be very annoying and embarrassing. If you plan on wearing stilettos during the warmer months, make sure that you change out your heels often to prevent this from happening.

It’s also important to consider how you’ll be walking. If you walk a lot with your stiletto wedges on, you may find that your legs feel the most sore after wearing them all day. Toe rings can be worn underneath of your shoes to alleviate this pain. When your feet are warm, it helps reduce swelling, and the added bonus of having nice, flat feet!

Finally, you need to make sure that your feet are moisturized. Even if you have stilettos that fit perfectly, if they’re constipated with water, then you’ll find that your stilettos will start to give you problems. To solve this problem, just buy some waterproof socks or a pair of cotton sock. This will help keep your feet from feeling dried out. This is especially important to do if you wear stilettos during the summer months when your feet tend to stay in the hot sun longer than other times.

Also, make sure that your shoes fit comfortably. Nothing ruins a perfect day like having shoes that are too tight or uncomfortable. Especially if you choose a style with an extended heel. When you buy stilettos, be sure to try on a variety of different styles to make sure that you have found a style and size that works for you. The last thing that you want to do is end up in the hospital with painful stilettos.

Finally, make sure that you get proper exercise. A great workout includes doing a variety of different foot movements, including flexing and extending your legs. Stilettos with high heels are difficult to do this in, because your weight is being placed on the balls of your feet, making it difficult to take the backswing and the downswing. This causes you to tire quickly, which can lead to lower leg fatigue. So work on getting your legs into shape by running, dancing, jumping rope, and walking, and you will have a better chance of feeling more comfortable wearing stilettos.

Don’t forget that stilettos add excitement to your outfit. They can be paired with almost anything, including pants, skirts, shorts, and a beautiful jacket or blouse. With a little bit of thought and effort, you can find a pair of stilettos that feeling fabulous, look even more dazzling, and provide you with all of the comfort that you need.

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