Can Platform High Heels Lead to Osteoporosis?

platform high heels
platform high heels

Platform high heels

The increased use of Platform High Heels by women is contributing to a dramatic increase in the number of women who are diagnosed with osteoporosis. The more one is over 50, the greater the risk of osteoporosis. So as an adult woman we can consider our buy of those high heels to be a massive investment. These investments have long term consequences.

It is likely that you have had some type of operation on your feet. So if you had a major operation or simply missing a foot, you may have developed a large amount of scar tissue as a result of the surgery. As we get older, this scar tissue will grow and make harder to remove.

Over time the joint that was mended may tend to develop a degenerative condition that worsens the issue. This may be in the joints which were formerly operated on. So if we have treatment that fixes the symptoms but does not fix the underlying cause of the issue, it can contribute to osteoporosis.

Another contributing factor is poor circulation and elasticity of the skeleton as we get older. By wearing platform high heels, the risk of developing osteoporosis increases.

These shoes will cause muscle damage and the creation of calcium deposits. Bone fractures and fractures can occur as a result of wearing this sort of shoe. The longer you wear them, the larger the risk.

Each person does have their own foot body. This can differ depending on race and sex. As a result, they will feel differently about which pair of Platform High Heels are best for them.

Some women find that the durability of platform high heels doesn’t provide adequate support. Others like the lack of moisture in the foot and the feeling of complete freedom of motion. The fantastic news is that producers do see the value in this.

Design firms are beginning to put more thought into the matter. The end result is that the days of the Vantage lace system are gone. The producers are looking at other ways to make platform high heels last.

Some of the latest technologies being used include the Advanced Seamless Shell system that’s been designed by several design firms. The shoe is protected by an integrated carbon-reinforced sole having an ergonomic foam sock and Waffle outsole. The result is a shoe that is much more comfortable and sturdy than the Vantage system.

To encourage your shoes to last longer, it’s necessary to allow your shoe to air dry after wearing them. Then allow the foot to air dry before putting it into your next shoe.

As a female it’s important to understand the basics about high heels before you start buying. The facts will help to avoid a large amount of osteoporosis.

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